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Facing Amputation?

Facing an amputation is particularly challenging, but the team at Fillauer Clinic is here to support, educate, and prepare you for surgery with the ultimate goal of providing prosthetic treatment once your limb has healed.

It is important to understand the type of surgery you are having as this will impact several factors related to limb healing, rehabilitation programming, and prosthesis design. 

Prosthetic Technology

Fillauer Clinic prides itself on utilizing the prosthetic technology that best fits each patient’s individual needs. As prosthetic technology advances, we find  opportunities to test new products, components, and socket fabrication concepts with our patients.


Our goal is to provide patients with comfort, function, and mobility and to foster confidence using their prosthesis in  everyday life. We believe there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. At Fillauer Clinic, patients should expect to receive customized, goal-oriented care designed to equip amputees with a prosthesis unique to their activities and lifestyle.

New Prosthetic User Services

At Fillauer Clinic, we aim to educate and motivate our patients in order to drive the best possible clinical results for each individual. This begins with educating patients on expectations about their amputation surgery, postoperative recovery, and rehabilitation and preparation for prosthetic fitting.


After surgery, we actively participate in the rehabilitation process, motivating our patients along the way. Once the amputated (residual) limb has healed, we transition into the prosthetic fitting process and subsequent mobility training. We are here to guide new prosthetic users in positively reforming their life after limb loss.

Experienced Prosthetic User Services

The team at Fillauer Clinic offers professional expertise and a commitment to the highest quality care for all patients, new and experienced prosthetic users alike.


For patients currently using a prosthesis, we specialize in enhancing the fit and function of the prosthesis to maximize comfort and utilization. We provide solutions that
alleviate limb pain, bone and joint pain, and/or skin problems related to the prosthesis.


Success is achieved through a guided strength and rehabilitation program.

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