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Our Values

  • Continuity of care through collaboration with other professionals and education for our patients

  • Clinical excellence through technology and innovation

  • Individualized treatment plans

  • Meeting the needs of motivated patients regardless of their ability to pay

About Us

Fillauer Clinic exists to provide personal, quality care for our patients, from consultation to fitting. We design unique prosthetic solutions that best meet each patient's need. By doing so, we proudly continue Fillauer’s centuries-long commitment to patient care, cutting-edge technology, and collaboration to best equip limb loss patients to thrive.  

The Fillauer Clinic strives to provide a superior level of care to patients who have sustained limb difference. We inspire patients to achieve the highest level of mobility and independence.

Jeff Eschenburg, CP

Jeff Eschenburg suffered severe injuries in a farming mishap at the age of 12, resulting in the amputation of his leg above the knee. Disenchanted with the function of his prosthesis, Jeff decided to focus his studies on Health Science in Preventive and Rehabilitative Programs. He entered the field of prosthetics as a technician in 1995 and attended Northwestern University to receive a clinical certificate in Prosthetics in 1998. Jeff spent 15 years working directly with surgeons in Michigan to improve amputation techniques and provide the best outcome for amputees.  After his time in Michigan, he spent 5 years as Lead Prosthetist at POP in Las Vegas and now calls Chattanooga home. As a Fillauer product user, Jeff enjoys running 5k races and spending time outdoors with his family.  He is passionate about encouraging amputees in the Chattanooga area to be more active!


Our Clinical Team


Katie Ricketts, Care Coordinator

Katie manages all aspects of patient scheduling, insurance, and advocacy. She works in conjunction with the region's premiere medical practices to accelerate recovery and free prosthetic patients to pursue their passions. Our unique solutions-focused approach utilizes next-generation prosthetics and a proven care model to assure you of the best amputee care anywhere. 

 Your recovery is our top priority.  Katie is a resource to help schedule your appointments and help with any urgent repair requests to keep you moving. With over four years of experience in the medical field, she can successfully navigate all the red tape to assure you of the best prosthetic solution possible. Call her today to schedule a consultation. 

E.Clayton Headshot.png

Erica Clayton,

Prosthetic Technician Assistant

Erica works closely with the prosthetist, physician, and physical therapist to help patients rebound better. Her vast EMT experience offers patients a solid foundation of good, clinical care that positively impacts outcomes. 

Watching patients achieve mobility and independence motivates her to push for better solutions day in and day out. Patient progress is closely monitored to assure that best practices are systematically deployed. She is a great resource for a successful recovery after limb loss. 

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